SEMO Giving Day

Last fall on Nov. 27, the University Foundation launched a one-day campaign via social media, email, phone and campus events inviting participants to help raise funds for 12 projects on campus. SEMO Giving Day featured a variety of projects that directly impact Southeast students from many different disciplines including:

  • Experiential learning opportunities in business, the arts and STEM disciplines
  • Equipment for the EDvolution Center and Kent Library’s Special Collections and Archives
  • Direct financial support through the We Are One and Suit Yourself Scholarships
  • Supplies for student athletes by stocking the Nutrition Center
  • Funding for Institutional Equity and Diversity programs

With a goal of 12 projects to fulfill and over $14,000 to raise, Southeast students, staff and faculty got to work reaching out to alumni, friends and family across the country and around the world!

After over 14 hours of hard work, each of the 12 campaigns met or exceeded its goal, thanks to the generosity of more than 200 donors. The total raised was $26,619.99, thanks, in part, to generous matching gifts provided by the late Dr. Shelton “Butch” Smith, and his wife, Glenda, of St. Louis, Missouri, and Southeast Athletics Director Brady Barke and his family.

A key component of the success of SEMO Giving Day was the work of the Southeast Telefund. Telefund is an on-campus call center where students reach out to alumni in order to secure support for the University Foundation. Megan Joost, a senior who helped raise funds on Giving Day explains, “The energy in the room was electric. I love getting to talk so many generous people. It means a lot to me that so many are willing to give to make a difference for Southeast students, like me.”

The success of SEMO Giving Day shows that, as one community, Southeast donors can make a huge difference across campus. Megan adds, “I am inspired by the generosity I saw. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!” Her sentiments are shared by everyone at Southeast. Clearly, great things happen by coming together with a common goal!

If you’re interested in leaving a legacy of giving at SEMO, contact Ally Campbell at 573-986-6763 or Or visit us online to learn more about your gift options.