The Veterans Plaza

The Veterans Plaza at Southeast honors the dedication and sacrifice of military members and their families.

Southeast Missouri State University's new Veterans Plaza was dedicated on Sept. 25, 2020. Located between Academic Hall and Memorial Hall, the Plaza honors those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

The importance of veterans and their commitment cannot be understated at Southeast Missouri State University. Since the establishment of the University in 1873, veterans from every major conflict the United States has engaged in, beginning with the Civil War and continuing through today, has been represented. This Plaza recognizes the dedication and sacrifice of members of the military, as well as their loved ones.

More than $100,000 has been privately raised to support the Veterans Plaza project, which currently includes 217 bricks commemorating the military service of alumni, friends, family members and others. Commemorative bricks will be added each fall to continue this new Southeast tradition in honor of veterans.

Thomas M. Meyer, a 1975 Southeast graduate and veteran of the U.S. Navy Seabees, spoke at the dedication. "This is a place for remembering our veterans' sacrifices, and for veterans to reflect on their time served. The Veterans Plaza is a reminder to all students and alumni that this is a veteran-friendly campus, one to be proud of. We thank them all for their sacrifice. 'Welcome home veterans' is a familiar greeting that all veterans deserve to hear, and this dedication of the Veterans Plaza will echo this sentiment hereafter."

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