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Donor Stories

Southeast Planned Giving Donors Leave Their Legacies
Thanks to the generosity of our planned gift donors, SEMO had one of its most successful fundraising years ever—and students, athletics, and departments around the University will benefit. More

Southeast Alum Wants to Help Students Find Their Passion
SEMO gave Bridgette Kelch a well-rounded education and a fulfilling career, so she’s giving back so others will benefit. More

We Can’t Do It Without You
We want to highlight our donors’ stories on why you support Southeast students. We have a short form where you can share your thoughts and experiences. We can’t wait to hear from you! More

Veterans Plaza Dedicated at Southeast Missouri State University
Southeast is proud to be home to the newly dedicated Veterans Plaza. See how this special place came to fruition and how it honors those who have served in the military. More

Friends and Family Honor the Memory of 'Cape's Favorite Mixologist'
Marcellus Jones' infectious smile, warm personality and ability to connect with others made him many friends. After he passed away in 2018, friends and family all over the world rallied to create something to honor his memory. More

Planning Ahead Leaves Behind a Wonderful Legacy
Dewain Brucker loved all things agriculture, so much so that he gifted his entire estate to the Southeast Missouri University Foundation to benefit future students. More

SEMO Giving Day Is a Great Success
The Southeast Missouri University Foundation's one-day campaign met and exceeded expectations thanks to generous gift matching. More

The Adventure of a Lifetime
With an interest in learning other languages and understanding the world, Mannat found herself on the adventure of a lifetime when studying abroad in Spain. More

Your Gift Matters to Courtney
When you support Southeast with an estate gift, you ensure that students like Courtney Taylor '19 can afford to earn their degrees and go on to lead lives of change and impact. More

Honoring an Educator and a Father
Dr. Craig Morgan wanted to find a way to honor his father, retired Southeast professor Dr. Willard Morgan, with a unique gift. He found the perfect solution by creating an endowed scholarship for students at Southeast Missouri State. More

Southeast Alumni Pay it Forward
Southeast Missouri State University alumni Tom and Julie Wood of St. Louis, Mo., wanted to give back to the University that had given them so much. More

Southeast Alum Creates Teaching Scholarship
Southeast grad and teacher Bob Depro has created an endowed scholarship for education students at Southeast Missouri State University.  More

Belief in the Value Higher Education Leads to Gift
The Rev. J. Friedel believes in the value of higher education and the value of Southeast Missouri State University.  More

A Legacy of Education & Learning from Parents to Son to Southeast Students
Southeast alumnus and former professor donated retirement assets to fund student scholarships and support Kent Library. More

A Gift to Last a Lifetime
Before enjoying a 35-year teaching career at Southeast, professor James Drickey, Ph.D., struggled to pay for his education. As a scholarship recipient, James knew the impact his gift would have on generations of Southeast students.  More

What a Scholarship Can Do
Grateful scholarship recipient Jessica Winkle feels doubly blessed. Not only did she receive scholarship assistance for her education, but she also has the opportunity to play a role in helping other students reach their education goals.  More

Alumnus Honors His Teachers Through a Legacy Gift
Earl Morris made a scholarship gift to commemorate one of his favorite community educators, Redman Dunham. Now Dunham's legacy will benefit future students and the community for years to come.  More

Dedicated Professors Continue Supporting Students After Retirement
Drs. Robert and Linda Burns have been firmly dedicated to Southeast Missouri State University for almost 50 years. The Burns were professors of English at Southeast and supporters of the Department of English at the University from 1966 until their retirement in 2001 — and their generosity continues today.  More

It Doesn't Matter How You Give...
Robert Meyer '74 is a big believer that the University and its students can benefit by whatever alumni have to offer—gifts, time, ideas. The support is what's imperative.  More

Scholarship Honors Legacy of "Dynamic and Remarkable" Nursing Instructor
Patricia A. Huttegger, former student and instructor at Southeast Missouri State University, believed passionately in the rewards of hard work and helping others. The scholarship recently established in her name allows future students to carry on that passion.  More

Alums Make a Gift to Support Their Southeast Family
You could say that a fondness for Southeast Missouri State University runs in the family for Patrick and Janet Ruopp, and these alums are celebrating their connection to Southeast in a generous way.  More

Rewarding Southeast Experience Leads to Fulfilling Career
Today, Jason LeGrand is working on a college campus, and it was his time at Southeast that steered him in that direction. Now he is giving back so future students will be able to experience the same level of commitment and passion he developed at Southeast.  More

35 Years of Helping Southeast Students Is Not Enough
Alberta Macke Dougan spent 35 years teaching students at Southeast and now she and her husband, Neil, are continuing that support through endowed scholarships. Having both attended the University, the Dougans know the difference a Southeast education can make.  More

Innovative Giving
Utilizing life insurance to increase bequest to Southeast. Rick Hetzel and Cheryl Mothes strongly believe in philanthropy and in giving of oneself for the welfare of others. They unselfishly donate their time and financial resources to several charities in the Cape Girardeau area as well as Southeast Missouri State University.  More

Farmer, Philanthropist, Friend: Harryette Campbell Cultivates Dreams for Southeast Students
Through planned giving, Harryette Campbell of Sikeston, Mo., shows her passion for nurturing the dreams of Southeast Missouri State University students.  More

Unrestricted Kindness: Family's Support of Southeast's Educational Mission Spans Several Decades
William Albert Merick and his wife Christene revolved their lives around helping others, especially in the pursuit of education. With the help of Mrs. Merick's recent bequest to Southeast Missouri State University, their boundless generosity will continue to be felt for years to come.  More

Meyer Gives Back: Alumnus Finds Unique Way to Give Back to Southeast
Southeast Missouri State University alumnus Thomas M. Meyer has been involved with his alma mater in many ways. Last year he chose a unique and special way to simultaneously support the University and honor his wife.  More

Crader and Family Put Donor Advised Funds to Work
Stan Crader and his family are proud to be the first to establish a new donor advised fund at the Southeast Missouri University Foundation.  More

Paying It Forward: One-of-a-Kind Gift Encourages Students to Give Back
Southeast Missouri State University alumnus Lawrence R. Kem values the importance of an education. He firmly believes in putting back into the institution that fostered his success.  More

Southeast Student Athletes Succeed...On and Off the Court
Student athletes at Southeast come to play a sport they love but find a top quality education in the process. Originally from Muncie, Ind., Molly Davis initially decided to come to Southeast because of the volleyball program, but she has found many more reasons to love Southeast.  More

Honoring a Love of Education
After four years of fundraising that included creating an annual children's fashion show and selling prepared food to the community, the McDowells were able to provide an endowed memorial scholarship "to honor the memory of our son Jerry who was a staunch advocate for an educated society."  More

Scholarship Provides Opportunity for International Student
Darshaka Dias' college career does not fall into the category of "traditional." Growing up in Sri Lanka, Dias had a desire to make college more than just an experience; he hoped to make it a life-shaping journey.  More

People Helping People
Marjory Janssen summed up the reason her and her husband support Southeast in one simple phrase: "We've always felt that helping other people is an important part of life." While their support comes in different ways, and is directed to completely different areas, they share the common vision of making a difference in people's lives.  More

McNeelys Make Lasting Impact on Performing Arts Program
Don McNeely, a former news anchor and meteorologist for KFVS, a CBS affiliate television station in Cape Girardeau, Mo., and his wife, Sue, recently endowed two scholarships at Southeast.  More

Southeast Public Radio Expands
On March 3, 1976, KRCU 90.9 FM signed on the air for the first time from the campus of Southeast Missouri State University with only 10 watts of power.  More

A Passion for Education, History, and Southeast Missouri State
Soon after her graduation from Dexter High School in 1956, Yvonne Gary married Bob Keathley.  More

Donor Relationships Impact More Than the Bottom Line
Friend and longtime supporter of Southeast, Douglas Greene of Vancouver,Wash., has been most generous over the past decade.  More

Southeast Professor Remembers His Mentors
During his formative years, Southeast Missouri State Teachers College had a profound impact on Dr. F. Gregory Dickey. Growing up in Kennett, Mo., he came to Cape Girardeau in 1946 to attend college.  More

Brian Kohlberg: One Young Alum's Gift of Thanks
When Brian Kohlberg '02, a St. Louis native, first visited Southeast Missouri State University as a senior from Vianney High School, he immediately fell in love with the friendly atmosphere of the campus.  More

For the Love of Teaching
In 1928, Miss Grace Williams graduated from Southeast Missouri State Teachers College with a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of the teenagers whom she would teach. Ask most students who graduated from Cape Girardeau High School between the years 1928 and 1977, and they would say she succeeded in that quest.  More

Educating Teachers: A Southeast Tradition
Professional preparation of future teachers has been a significant part of Southeast's mission since it was founded as a teachers college in 1873. At the College of Education, this 130-year tradition continues and, in fact, has evolved into one of the nation's finest teacher education programs.  More

"Insuring" the Future of Southeast
Southeast Missouri State University is grateful to the many alumni and friends who, over the years, have chosen to make a difference in the future of the University and its students. A number of these generous individuals have discovered that incorporating life insurance into their charitable gift plans has resulted in much larger gifts than they originally thought possible.  More

Kent Library: Home of the Past, Resource for the Future
Southeast Missouri State University's soul has, for more than 60 years, been housed in the center of campus within the body of Kent Library. After nearly a half century in Academic Hall, the University's library moved across the street in 1939 into a beautiful structure named in honor of longtime head librarian Sadie Kent. This structure is remembered fondly by the many students attending Southeast Missouri State Teachers College during the mid-1900s.  More

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